Bob Valentine

Bob Valentine operates his Shooting School attracting clients from throughout the United Kingdom and from abroad, his success is the result of seasoned knowledge and proven ability, he holds unquestioned expertise and is a truly professional gun-fitter/teacher/coach.

Shooting is by appointment only and your time will be managed, specifically and economically. The School is open from 10:00 to 16:30, except Sunday and Monday, when it is Closed All Day.

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“an exclusive place in a most beautiful location”

The Art of Shooting Flying

The shotgun is designed to bring down moving targets. The greatest exponents ooze confidence, they shoot in harmony and they shoot with style.

Watching a seasoned performer, whether challenged with a live or inanimate (clay pigeon) shot, you will witness a blend of effortless gun mounting, proper method, polished rhythm and perfect timing, and it all appears so natural, the goal of those who wish to shoot well.

Safety, Gun Fit, Style and Timing, combined with correct technique, these are the cornerstones, the foundations if you like, and you risk collapse if the footings are not sound!

Bob Valentine has helped countless folk during almost 36 years of instructing; his communication and coaching skills are renowned, under his guidance you will master the elements crucial to success, and consistent success.

  • Does your Gun Fit?
  • Improve upon existing skills with a Private Lesson
  • Sharpen Up, in readiness for the season
  • Shoot, “Realistic Simulations

By Appointment Only.

from Tuesday to Saturday, ten to four thirty